Well hello there! I'm Suzie, and I'm so glad to welcome you to Suzie's Cakes-A-Plenty. Cake decorating takes me back to my childhood, creating treats and pouring love into cakes with my mom for birthdays, baby showers and weddings. 

About 10 years ago, I began branching out, beautifying cakes the same way my mother taught me and the way her mother taught her: with passion, pride, and caring for even the smallest of details. 

Today, I share my love of all things cakes and sweets for every type of celebration. Graduations, retirement parties, and even Get-Well-Soon goodies-whatever you need, I bring to life. 


Be at ease knowing your cake is ALWAYS fresh to order. Head to the Contact page and let's design the perfect confections for your next event!

Check out the Decorating Parties page and bring a Decoration Party to your next event (loved by kids AND adults).


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